Four Eyes

Payah is broken-hearted. Her playmates, Sammy the baby Orang Utan and Kenyi the Hornbill, have left to learn the ways of the wild in a place far far away from Payah’s rainforest home…

A diversion occurs that makes Payah forget her heartache. Night after night, fruits from her great aunt’s garden mysteriously disappear. Is there a thief among the inhabitants of Payah’s longhouse, or are the spirits teasing Uku Nyalo?

Payah sets out to investigate, and finds that she has taken on more than she can chew.


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading FOUR EYES. It’s a lovely book …it’s just looking for the people who will love it too.” – Heidi Munan, Author of `Culture Shock! Borneo´

“Life as seen through the eyes of a captivating little Orang Ulu girl…Wonderful and insightful, FOUR EYES has a real ring of authenticity. It is also excellent reading material for grade school children.” – Dr. Herbert L. Whittier, Anthropologist, Michigan State University, USA

“A uniquely Sarawakian children’s book that will fire a child’s imagination. A must read for all! “– Borneo Post

“Once again, in her readiness to help others, Payah sticks her nose in the affairs of others and learns valuable lessons along the way…I enjoyed Payah’s second adventure as much as the first! “– a Payah Fan