PAYAH is about a little Kayan girl named Payah, who, deep in the jungle of Sarawak, rescues a hornbill and a mouse deer, and takes care of a baby Orang-Utan. It is suitable for all ages, but it is especially written for school children from the age of eight to twelve.

"PAYAH is beautifully illustrated by my daughter, Su Jen Buchheim, but the illustrations for PAYAH are not the usual lay-out, with full-page colour illustrations artfully distributed throughout the book. PAYAH starts with 6 full page illustrations at the beginning which make up the Prologue. Then the story proper begins, enhanced by black/white vignettes. In the usual children’s book, the whole book is filled with illustrations, which already more or less tell the story, so that children only look at the pictures and don’t bother to read. My aim is to make children read, or their parents read with them, and not only look at the illustrations. I prefer to leave a lot to their imagination." - Margaret Lim